The One Dance Your Business Can’t Sit Out

Generational differences have always influenced how business is done, but in the case of “digital natives”—those immersed in digital technology from birth—we are witnessing a tectonic shift. As an alwaysconnected, socially networked generation comes to dominate business and society, organizations can ignore the implications only at the risk of irrelevance.

In this revealing book, Michelle Manafy, Heidi Gautschi, and a stellar cast of experts from business and academia provide vital insights into the characteristics of digital natives, offering an in-depth look at how they work, shop, play, and learn. Dancing With Digital Natives will help any manager, marketer, or educator embrace—and stay in step with—a generation that’s transforming how business is done.

“This remarkable group of editors and authors presents a range of opinions about the challenges and opportunities of business life in a digital era. Taken together, these essays help us to debunk many of the myths that we too commonly rely upon when we talk of digital natives, in the context of business, marketing, learning, career development, and otherwise. … No matter what, this book will make you think.”

—John Palfrey, co-author, Born Digital:
Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives